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Advisor Buying Unit Database with Over 740,000 Active Reps

Advisor Buying Unit Database with Over 750,000 Active Reps

Comprehensive, up-to-date, mission-critical data for sales and marketing success.
Dealer, branch, rep, team and buying unit data.
Address, status and changes for every registered and unregistered rep.

Detailed Buying Unit Data
Activity, Volumes and Sales for Individuals and Teams

Conventional rep prospecting tools take an advisor view approach with no visibility into teams or decision-makers. Advisor Teams profiles buying units, revealing critical information for guiding sales outreach.

Registered and Non-Registered Advisors

Decision-Makers – Active and Inactive

Detailed Activity Across Teams

Activity for Individuals within Teams

Advisors on Multiple Teams

Advisors Who Move

Identify Decision Makers

Discover the critical reps for your sales campaign, their essential stats and how to reach them:

  • Titles, roles and focus areas

  • Emails and phone numbers

  • Social media links

  • Licenses and designations

  • Success levels

Profile and measure profitability, market penetration and sales effectiveness.

Customer Service and Training

The complete broker-dealer buying unit database will enhance your data cleaning process and sales prospecting efforts. Customer service support will help you get the most out of Advisor Teams every step of the way.

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