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How to Identify, Understand and Leverage Advisor Team Data

SFS has been a long-time partner firm of the Investment Education Alliance (IMEA) and we recently had an opportunity to discuss our Advisor Team data set with Executive Director, Kimber Lintz.

Jill Santandreu, our Director of Professional Services, and David Halligan, our Director of Sales and Account Management, recorded a Q&A session discussing how and why we decided to create this data set along with how it has benefitted and continues to benefit our clients.

Additionally, Jill and David discussed how non-MARS clients can also benefit from this data set.  As the asset management industry continues to evolve as it relates to identifying both individual reps/advisors, we thought it important to share how important and integral it has become to identify, understand and leverage team data.

Advisor Teams is a comprehensive, up-to-date, mission-critical data set of financial advisors that helps asset management firms maximize sales and marketing success.

  • Dealer, Branch, Rep, Team and Buying Unit Data
  • Team Roles, Locations and Assignments.
  • Address, Status and Change Information
  • Data on Every Registered and Unregistered Rep
  • Activity, Volumes and Sales for Individuals and Teams

Conventional rep prospecting tools take an advisor view approach with no visibility into teams or decision-makers. Advisor Teams profiles buying units, revealing critical information for guiding sales outreach. Client firms leverage Advisor Teams to gain a competitive advantage in sales strategy.