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SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 13, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — SalesFocus Solutions, the leading provider of the MARS product for the asset management industry, announced today that it is has expanded its product suite to include a comprehensive Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) data aggregation and reporting solution. The solution is tailored to meet the needs of ETF providers who are struggling to obtain and aggregate ETF distribution data from many disparate sources. The MARS solution includes aggregating and normalizing data from all ETF data sources, reconciling the ETF data to obtain information at the most detailed level, standardizing the ETF data for reporting purposes and providing new insights into potential new sales opportunities.

“Our ETF reporting solution provides firms of all sizes the opportunity to capture and report on their distribution data so they can better position themselves in the marketplace amongst their competitors,” said Dave Halligan, Director of Sales and Account Management at SalesFocus Solutions. “SalesFocus Solutions has been providing solutions to the asset management industry for over 16 years and our ETF data aggregation and reporting system is another example of how we continuously evolve with both technological and asset management industry trends,” continued Halligan.

SalesFocus Solutions’ Director of Professional Services, Jill Santandreu said, “Some ETF providers still struggle with obtaining, aggregating and reconciling their ETF data which, in turn, hinders their reporting capabilities. SalesFocus Solutions’ ETF solution provides increased visibility across all of their firm’s distribution channels and product types. We are excited about this new offering and the value it will add to our clients who are distributing ETF products.”

The MARS Product Suite is transforming sales analytics and reporting and is designed to give SalesFocus Solutions’ asset management clients a competitive advantage by identifying new potential sales opportunities to facilitate asset growth. MARS is designed to quickly obtain information through the visualization of data. The innovative MARS product design takes business analytics to a whole new level by leveraging enhanced graphical data visualization techniques to transform sales, asset and contact data into actionable business insights.

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