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Incorporating personal customer service into 22c-2 compliance reporting and the identification of money laundering offers numerous benefits to SFS clients, streamlining the way firms handle complex financial regulations and suspicious activities. Unlike some providers who only provide reports for 22c-2 compliance, leaving clients to interpret and act on the data themselves, the SFS approach incorporates hands-on customer guidance for a full-service 22c-2 compliance model. This means we not only deliver the necessary reports but also actively participate in analyzing and interpreting the data for our 22c-2 clients, playing a crucial role in compliance and anti-money laundering efforts.

Proactive Approach

Our methodology in 22c-2 compliance and anti-money laundering is proactive and involves a detailed investigation of each case. We don’t just flag potential market timing or suspicious trades; we delve into the specifics. This could mean differentiating between a legitimate transaction mistakenly coded and a genuine case of market timing or money laundering. Our involvement in 22c-2 compliance extends to scrutinizing trades and activities that exhibit hallmarks of money laundering, such as high-volume trades, across multiple trading platforms.

False Positives

A key feature of SFS 22c-2 compliance service is the elimination of false positives. Through thorough investigation, we can ascertain whether an activity that initially appears suspicious is indeed a case of market timing or money laundering. In our experience, we have encountered instances where what seemed like market timing was actually due to an input error, like a redemption being wrongly coded. Our meticulous approach to 22c-2 compliance ensures that our clients are not unnecessarily alarmed by false positives while genuine cases are given the attention they deserve.

True Positives

In cases of real money laundering, our approach is hands-on and collaborative. We engage directly with our clients, leveraging our resources and expertise in 22c-2 compliance to provide guidance and support. This may include advising them on engaging additional anti-money laundering services through platforms that can offer more detailed insights into suspicious activities. Our role is not just as a provider of 22c-2 compliance reports but as a partner who assists in navigating the complex landscapes of financial compliance and security.

Multiple Platforms

Our effectiveness in identifying and addressing money laundering is evidenced by our work with various platforms in 22c-2 compliance. We’ve managed to track and respond to suspicious activities across multiple platforms including Schwab, TD and Morgan Stanley’s E-trade. This capability is not just about stopping one suspicious account; it’s about recognizing patterns, understanding the tactics of those involved in money laundering and taking decisive action each time an account exhibiting these patterns emerges. This is the partnership approach to 22c-2 compliance

Board Reporting

The value of our service in 22c-2 compliance and anti-money laundering service extends to aiding clients with regulatory and board reporting. We ensure that all actions taken, including locking out suspicious accounts, and the reasons behind each decision are meticulously documented and reported. This level of detail in 22c-2 compliance is critical not only for addressing regulatory requirements but also for maintaining the integrity and transparency of our client’s financial practices.

More Than Mere 22c-2 Reporting

Our approach contrasts sharply with that of some reporting providers, who may only offer a system for 22c-2 compliance and leave clients to manage the complexities on their own. Our full-service model includes active investigation and research into trades, offering clients a deeper understanding of their 22c-2 compliance status and any potential risks. This is especially important for larger companies that require a partner in navigating these intricate areas of 22c-2 compliance, not just a vendor supplying a tool or a report.

Our commitment to providing comprehensive services in 22c-2 compliance and anti-money laundering reflects the immense value we put on personal customer service in these critical areas. By actively engaging in every step of the process, from identification and analysis to reporting, we act as a trusted partner, equipped not only with the technology and tools but also with the expertise and dedication to ensure our clients’ compliance and security. This approach to 22c-2 compliance support sets us apart in the industry, providing peace of mind and a higher level of service to our clients.