Congratulations on SalesFocus Solutions’ 20th Anniversary!

Congratulations on SalesFocus Solutions’ 20th Anniversary!

In 1997 the MARS group was formed as a division within Phoenix American and within short two years, in 1999, the first commercial MARS version (v2.0) was launched and we signed our first clients.

On March 23, 2001 SalesFocus Solutions was incorporated as a California corporation with the MARS System as its flagship product.

Now 20 years later, SalesFocus Solutions is still growing strong with 22 new clients over the past year, MARS v10 is expected to be released in the fall, and we have a wonderful team of experts who continue to support our clients in growing their businesses.  Click here to see our timeline up close:  SalesFocus Solutions Timeline

Thanks to all of our clients and the SalesFocus Solutions’ team – Happy 20th Anniversary!

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