Market Intelligence Data Providers We provide insights into market penetration and potential opportunities.

Market Intelligence Data Providers

MARS can combine asset manager data housed within MARS—contacts, sales, assets, and activities, for instance—with market intelligence data from third-party data providers. This combination of data can provide firms with insight into their current and potential wallet share at broker/dealer firms, and what, if any, difference our client’s activities (e.g. campaigns/meetings/calls) with their B/Ds have in influencing the growth of wallet share. This allows asset manager to:

  • Identify productive broker-dealer and financial advisor relationships.
  • Zero in on profitable product lines and asset classes.
  • Align sales teams’ goals with the firm’s goals in order to eliminate unintended organizational conflicts.
  • Keep wholesalers apprised of relative product performance to help boost wholesalers’ actions and productivity.
  • Keep wholesalers informed of relative product performance in order to help increase their productivity.
  • Identify product line shortcomings relative to their competitors.
  • Provide valuable insights into future product development and marketing campaigns.
  • Capture overall performance by firm and branch.
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