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Asset and Distribution Insights for Salesforce® CRM

Asset and Distribution Insights for Salesforce® CRM

The industry-specialized architecture of Advisor Track CRM.
The advisor team view insights of Advisor Teams.
The reporting output of the MARS platform.
All at your fingertips in Salesforce®.

Your specialized Salesforce® client and prospect database.

Firm, Office, Rep Structure

Reporting Visibility at all Levels

Advisor Team Assignments and Activity

Product Sales Peformance

Real-time integration. Bi-direction data exchange. Up-to-date business critical information. Ease of access and data integrity.

MARS Sales and Asset Reporting for Salesforce® CRM

Top Level View

Firm Level Performance

Office Level Performance

Rep Level Performance

The sales reporting and analytics power of MARS in Salesforce®. Activity and performance dashboards at every level.

Standard Salesforce® Profile

MARS for Salesforce® Profile

Product Performance

Respond to trends, react to changes and manage relationships with a depth and detail of information at your fingertips in Salesforce®.

  • Sales segmentation

  • Buying team insights

  • Accurate and timely data

  • Increase effectiveness of sales and marketing teams

Produced in partnership with Salesforce®.

Customer Service and Training

Customer service implements and supports the transformation of your Salesforce® CRM into a specialized powerhouse with dealer, branch, rep and team visibility and visualized activity reporting at every level.

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