MARS v10

Welcome To a New Generation of MARS

By recreating MARS from the ground up in our latest release, MARS v10 exceeds industry standards for user experience, performance and security. Utilizing new Angular and Web API frameworks provides a tremendous improvement in speed and reliability along with better multi-tasking and multi-processing capabilities.

Next Evolution of Sales Reporting

MARS v10’s new features provide a 360 degree understanding of client data to increase the lifetime value of clients to your business, while decreasing the cost of engagement.

The MARS v10 user experience incorporates 3 key features increasing user efficiency and efficacy.

Organized Information

New high-data-density screens provide insightful and usable data that is available at your fingertips and easily searchable. The ability to choose the display attributes, criteria and result columns that matter to your business enables you to organize information in a way that makes sense to you.

Customizable Interfaces

Profiles, dashboards and reports are customizable to the precise need of a user, employing widgets, gadgets, info-cards, grids, tabs, fields and more. This ability to build profiles and dashboards from a blank canvas allows you to tailor data to each users’ business needs.

Interactive Exploration

Leverage multi-dimensional data exploration and insight discovery using visual, computational and analytical tools. Having the ability to interact with client, prospect, trade and asset data allows you to reveal hidden insights, deeper explanations and larger trends.


Reports: Out With the Old

Reporting in MARS v10 underwent a major overhaul. Reports are rendered in an interactive grid rather than static HTML. Visualizations have been redesigned to run in parallel to allow faster rendering and quicker interactions for users with greater ease in searching, sorting, and filtering.

Improved Modular Application

MARS brings together multiple business functions within a single organization: sales, compliance, CRM, marketing, data processing and administration. With the new MARS v10 modular design, each function has a landing area complete with its own menu, dashboard and reporting. This reduces the application footprint for users while we retain the ability to add new capabilities.


Please contact your relationship manager for more information regarding MARS v10.

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