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Sales & Asset Reporting Platform

Sales & Asset Reporting Platform

Customized reporting to drive new sales.

Distribution reporting, sales reporting, marketing analytics and data visualization.

Insights to Grow AUM

Advanced Sales & Prospecting Analytics

Let your sales data lead the way in driving sales. Uncover opportunities with the most potential.

  • Sales analytics
  • Advisor, team and product performance
  • Data visualization
  • Prospecting tools
  • Insights to focus sales and marketing efforts

Complete Market Visibility

MARS combines CRM data, sales & asset performance, contacts, activities and channels with SFS market intelligence for industry-wide insights.

  • Current market share
  • Potential market share at broker-dealer firms
  • Effects of campaigns on market share
  • Success of activities, meetings and calls


An All New MARS Reporting Platform

The MARS reporting platform has been reinvented with new features and more powerful reporting. MARS 10 exceeds industry standards for user experience, performance and security.

  • Speed and versatility
  • Multi-tasking
  • Multi-processing capabilities.
  • Automated Insights

Next Generation Data Analytics

New features deliver a 360 degree view and comprehensive understanding of sales data increasing the lifetime value of client relationships while decreasing the cost of engagement.

Key Features Increasing User Efficiency


High-data-density reporting with adjustable display attributes, criteria and result columns. Searchable, actionable data with custom presentation.


Profiles, dashboards and reports tailored to the needs of each user. Widgets, gadgets, info-cards, grids, tabs and fields for specialized views.


Leverage multi-dimensional data exploration to reveal hidden insights and larger trends. Visual, computational and analytical tools for all data points

Sales and Asset Reporting

Ease of searching, sorting and filtering is built in. Fast rendering of visualizations and quick interactions with reporting data. Reports are rendered in an intuitive interactive grid.

Modular Application

Sales, compliance, CRM, marketing, data processing and administration, each function has a landing area complete with menu, dashboard and reporting. A reduced application footprint enables the addition of new capabilities.


Create rules for segmenting Dealers, Branches and Reps into configurable-segmented buckets. Segmented values can be used in MARS as reporting features such as Firm, Office and Rep Queries, EIS, ETR and Advanced Ranking Reports as well as the creation of Groups Lists.

Customer Service and Training

The powerful reporting and data analytics of MARS is configured and refined in close consultation with you to meet your specific ongoing data visibility needs.