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Sales and Asset Data Cleaning for Asset Management

Sales and Asset Data Cleaning for Asset Management

Your data, how you need it, when you need it.

Client-specific data cleaning and stewardship for operations, compliance and reporting.

Comprehensive Rep-Level Data

Cleaned Data at the Start of the Business Day

Data Cleaning Tailored to Your Business Needs

Focus on Accuracy of Location for Individual Reps

Flexible Rules and Manual Research

Timely, Accurate, Proven Data

Customized Process and Strategic Support

Proprietary technology, industry knowledge and client-specific services ensures data cleaning that delivers complete, accurate, customized sales and asset data down to the rep-level. Optimal Data performs data reconciliation, scrubbing and de-duping delivering data suitable for compensation, sales and asset reporting and every business function

Standardizing Data from All Sources

Transfer Agents

Supermarket Platforms

ETF Platforms

Sub-Accounting Firms

Managed Accounts

Any Intermediaries

The Operational Advantage of Data Cleaning

Raw Sales Data

Essential data is incomplete, incorrect,
missing or obscured.

Optimal Data

All data is complete, correct, validated
and broken out by transaction.

MARS Insights Enabled by Optimal Data

Services customized according to your needs.

  • One-time or periodic data cleaning

  • Cleaning for specific product lines

  • Data cleaning of data above or below certain sales or asset thresholds

  • Cleaning of large volumes of asset data at the beginning of each month

  • Full-service outsourced data cleaning and stewardship, freeing your in-house teams to drive sales growth.

Optimal Data advanced data cleaning aggregates and reconciles sales and asset data to the most granular level of detail for superior reporting for any investment product.

  • Mutual funds

  • Managed Accounts

  • ETFs

  • DCIO/Retirement Products

  • UCITs

  • Interval Funds

  • SICAVs

  • CITs

  • UMAs

  • Alternative Investments

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Customer Service and Training

To align your data cleaning service with your operational and sales goals, experienced SFS staff will guide you in establishing and maintaining a customized and efficient daily data cleaning process.

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