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Asset Management CRM

By August 13, 2019No Comments

MARS is designed to meet the unique relationship management and reporting needs of the Asset Management Industry. MARS not only consists of traditional CRM features such as tracking contacts, meetings, activities, etc, but also it analyzes your sales data to assist in finding new prospects, identifying top producers and increasing cross-sell capabilities.

The innovative MARS design takes business analytics to a whole new level by leveraging state-of-the-art graphical data visualization techniques to transform your CRM, sales and asset data into actionable business insights. Some of the features of the MARS CRM module include:

  • Asset Management industry specific contact, activity and relationship management with the ability to manage distribution channels, geographic territories and contacts including Firm, Branch/Office, Rep and Account hierarchy;
  • Integration with Google Maps™ to see firm, office and rep sales and assets within territories or geographic areas to focus on new prospects or cross-selling opportunities as well as get easy access to directions;
  • Automatic notifications and alerts triggers based on pre-determined rules or conditions such as rep’s first sale, purchase thresholds;
  • History tracking (all calls, meetings, notes, emails, fulfillment, etc.);
  • Ability to easily move and/or merge firms, offices and reps;
  • Profiling, web activity tracking, fulfillment system integration, marketing intelligence data integration, campaign management system integration, expense system integration; and
  • Much, much more.