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By August 13, 2019No Comments

The innovative features of of our mobile apps provide our clients with a competitive advantage by providing advanced analytics and data visualization to gain unprecedented business insights so that sales teams can more readily find new actionable business opportunities.

Our IntelliMARS mobile app works with any CRM and Sales Reporting system and takes full advantage of the iPad’s and iPhone’s touch screen and graphical capabilities to provide our clients with an innovative state-of-the-art and unique mobile solution. IntelliMARS has been designed for busy executives and active sales teams to quickly obtain information by just tapping fingers on the screen.

IntelliMARS provides visibility across distribution channels, product lines and geographic territories as well as the ability to dynamically drill-down into graphical views of specific market segments, product sales, and business relationships such as performance of firms, offices, reps and accounts.

IntelliMARS will ensure your sales organization is better prepared for each meeting, is more efficient in identifying the right opportunities (and cross-selling opportunities), and more effective during each sales call.