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Unlock the Power of Your Data

Unlock the Power of Your Data
MARS Unify is a master database of Rep information which serves as a proactive approach to maintaining up-to-date registered Rep data for over 750,000 active reps.

Leveraging Rep CRDs we proactively manage firm, address, status, and name updates to ensure your sales and asset data is always accurate. This service provides our clients with the ability to stay on top of firm and rep changes – even before a Rep places a trade.

MARS Unify Rep Prospecting Service is a master copy of Firm, Office, Rep & Team information and proactively adds Email, and Phone numbers to Reps in our client’s MARS databases – whether or not the Reps have any sales with your firm. This ensures that the Reps in MARS have accurate email addresses and phone numbers should the client choose to utilize them for marketing and prospecting purposes.

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