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SalesFocus Solutions is pleased to announce that we have become an authorized Salesforce Partner and our MARS “Asset Distribution Insights for Salesforce®” app which provides a bi-directional, real-time data integration between MARS and Salesforce® is now available on the AppExchange™.

As part of the Salesforce Partner process, the entire MARS application and our MARS Asset Distribution Insights for Salesforce® app passed very rigorous independent security testing conducted by the Salesforce security team.

The MARS “Asset Distribution Insights for Salesforce®” integration leverages the data aggregation, cleansing, summarization, and business analytics power of MARS and provides accurate, up-to-date sales and asset data within Salesforce®.

Some of the benefits include:
  • Timely and accurate sales, asset, firm, branch/office, rep, and account information within Salesforce;
  • Leverages the flexible channel/territory capabilities of MARS to allow for more granular and nuanced sales distribution reporting in Salesforce® ;
  • Fuses MARS sales and asset data with Salesforce® CRM data so that Sales and Marketing teams can focus on the opportunities which are most likely to quickly grow AUM;
  • Unique Asset Management industry-specific dashboards and reports; and
  • Our data stewardship team eliminates duplicate and inaccurate contact data and adds Rep Prospecting and Team Buying Unit contact information.

As one of our clients stated, “The MARS for Salesforce® integration has been a big success and helps us to remain focused because the information in Salesforce® is now timely, accurate (there are far fewer duplicates/errors in the Salesforce® data) and it provides a complete picture including sales and asset data for contacts.”

You can view our new MARS “Asset Distribution Insights for Salesforce®” AppExchange™ page here: Asset Distribution Insights for Salesforce or by going to the AppExchange™ and typing in MARS or SalesFocus in the search bar.

For more information about how our MARS “Asset Distribution Insights for Salesforce®  can complement your Salesforce® installation and enhance your Sales and Marketing capabilities contact us at or leave us a note here.


Available on AppExchange