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SalesFocus Solutions’ enhanced data solutions provide our clients with a competitive edge with additional types of data such as Intermediary Team Buying Unit information.   Our MARS Team Buying Unit database includes teams from all major wirehouses as well as some independent firms including both registered and non-registered advisors who are members of the team.

Our Team Buying Unit contact information includes:  the intermediary team name, all members including title/roles, addresses, phones, email, member bios, areas of focus and social media links.  We also track team members who move and advisors who are on multiple teams.  With our Team Buying Unit contact information your firm will:

  • Gain access to the right advisors to help grow your business;
  • Be able to identify and target the right individuals within a team;
  • Increase marketing campaign ROI;
  • Better measure profitability, market penetration and sales effectiveness; and
  • Retain the correct contact information even as Reps or Teams move to new firms.

In addition to our Team Buying Unit data we are also tracking RIA aggregator relationships, Rep categories for producers and various lists that Rep’s are part of, such as Barron’s top advisors and buying history by morning star category.

Our Team Buying Unit Data is available in a variety of formats and can be made available to any firm to incorporate into your CRM system, Data Warehouse or Master Data Management System.