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Salesforce CRM

By August 13, 2019No Comments

MARS is integrated with Salesforce CRM. We provide real-time data integration with Salesforce CRM, and can customize to meet firms’ specific needs. The MARS-Salesforce CRM integration allows asset managers to:

  • View sales and assets by firm, office/branch, and rep in Salesforce CRM.
  • Identify top producing firms, offices, and reps.
  • Find new prospects within distribution channels and territories.
  • Complete trend comparison reports – sales, assets, average assets, etc.
  • Compile sales and asset detail and summary reports.View month-to-date and year-to-date purchases, redemptions, and more.
  • Synchronize calls, meetings, notes and e-mails.

The MARS-Salesforce CRM integration provides asset managers with the ability to measure profitability and sales effectiveness. It offers full transparency, the ability to view trade activity in both omnibus and non-omnibus accounts, and keeps the data in synch to ensure accuracy and reliability between systems.