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The best and most effective sales strategy is data-driven and results-oriented. The most valuable data available for driving new sales is the sales and asset data you compile every day from ongoing sales activity. The raw data you receive from your transfer agent is a good start. It can give you some helpful insights into the general performance of your assets and distribution channels. But transfer agent data, as delivered, leaves a lot be desired.

  • Advisor names are wrong, incomplete or out-of-date
  • Individual activity is masked within omnibus accounts
  • House accounts are referenced instead of advisor names
  • There is no address, email or phone information for advisors
  • There are no unique identifiers like CRD numbers
  • Firm main office information is given instead of the actual office of a trade
  • Clearing firms are listed but not the executing firm

With no data cleaning, raw transfer agent data leaves a lot of work left to do just to identify reps and pay commissions. To get the real, valuable benefit of your sales and asset data – the kind of sales reporting that identifies trends and reveals opportunities – comprehensive data cleaning, enhancement and optimization is necessary.

A thorough and specific data cleaning regimen performed every day, transforms raw transfer agent data into data sets that can be leveraged to energize sales. For useful data cleaning, it’s not enough just to fill in the gaps and correct the errors. Comprehensive rep-level information on every trade with complete location, firm, office and product information is necessary. For that, you need a data cleaning process customized for your business goals, designed in consultation with you and supported by customer service to maintain peak data quality.

You need granular, rep-level activity information, rep names, addresses, email addresses, phone numbers and product information. You need a data cleaning partner as aligned with your needs as any member of your in-house team.

Your data cleaning partner should have:

  • A thorough knowledge of industry data
  • An understanding of your strategic needs
  • Specialized data cleaning systems, tools and data sets
  • Experience with customized data cleaning for peak reporting
  • Premium reporting capability
  • A dedication to efficient, timely and responsive service

The success you have already achieved is the best guide to maximizing sales going forward. Your transfer agent sales and asset data is potentially priceless but, without data cleaning, still a diamond in the rough. Clean, complete and optimized sales and asset data gives you a window into your sales potential. Advisor performance, sales trends and market preferences emerge when the right reporting from data subject to precision data cleaning is available every day.

SFS leverages experience, proprietary systems and customized data cleaning processes with your needs in mind to deliver the reporting you need to drive sales strategy. Daily customized data cleaning the way you want it is the first step to a robust and successful data-driven strategy.

Support operations and drive new sales with custom data cleaning from SFS. All the potential of your data can be at your fingertips.


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