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Inside ETFs and NICSA Strategic Leadership Forum Conferences

By August 13, 2019August 19th, 2019No Comments

“I thought MARS was just a CRM” – this was what one of the attendees at the NICSA Strategic Leadership Forum said to me after we had a lengthy discussion of all of the products and services offered within the MARS suite. He was pleasantly surprised to learn that MARS was much more than a CRM. MARS is actually an acronym for “Marketing and Reporting Sales”. Yes, we have our own native, industry-specific CRM that many of our clients utilize, but they are also using MARS because of the dynamic and flexible sales and asset reporting system that integrates with the CRM. We also have clients that use our Salesforce bi-directional integration, along with other clients that use MARS as a stand-alone Distribution Reporting and/or 22c-2 Compliance Management System.

We are always looking to enhance and improve our product suite offering as is evidenced by the advanced data visualization and analytics capabilities in our mobile solutions and also with our full service data stewardship offering – which firms can take advantage of to improve data quality and reduce costs whether or not the firm is using our MARS system. Most recently, our innovative ETF data aggregation and reporting solution has received a lot of attention from firms struggling with ETF Distribution reporting.

Over the past two weeks, SalesFocus Solutions enjoyed participating in’s Inside ETFs conference and NICSA’s 2016 Strategic Leadership Forum. These conferences were both great venues to discuss how MARS can help asset management firms gain efficiencies, cut costs, and increase AUM. At NICSA’s Strategic Leadership Forum, we moderated a panel discussion with industry experts on “Overcoming ETF Distribution Data Challenges.” The NICSA conference was a good venue to exchange information with firms about the reporting challenges many ETF providers are facing and how our MARS product solves some of their key business needs.

For more information on how MARS can help your firm, please contact Dave Halligan @ or 978.473.0350