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SalesFocus Solutions Partners with Foreside Financial Group
Partnership will enhance Foreside’s clients’ existing sales analytics and reporting capabilities


San Francisco, CA – February 18, 2020 – SalesFocus Solutions, a Fintech leader servicing asset management firms has entered into a partner program with Foreside Financial Group (“Foreside”), a global provider of compliance technology solutions and product distribution services to the asset and wealth management industries. The MARS platform includes data collection, sales analytics and distribution reporting across all of Foreside’s business lines including mutual funds, UCITs, ETFs, managed accounts, DCIO/retirement platforms, and alternative providers.

“We continue to see a client need for timely sales and asset reporting to support their sales efforts.  The MARS program provides a cost-effective solution for both large and small asset managers,” said Mark Fairbanks, Senior Managing Director, Foreside.  “We are excited about this partnership and the ability to introduce one of the premier providers of asset management solutions to our clients in an economical and efficient manner.”

The modular nature of the MARS platform which includes sales analytics and reporting, CRM and Salesforce integration, 22c-2 compliance management and data stewardship-related services will increase Foreside’s ability to provide tailored distribution analytics and reporting solutions to meet the unique business needs of each client.

Dave Halligan, Director of Sales and Account Management, SalesFocus Solutions said, “SalesFocus Solutions, like Foreside, has a history of providing its clients with superior service and innovative offerings to help its clients grow their business.  We are looking forward to working closely with Foreside to provide cost-effective, customized solutions to meet each client’s unique business needs. The technical sophistication and flexibility of our MARS platform can provide firms of all sizes with new distribution insights to grow sales and better position themselves in the marketplace amongst their competitors.”

The MARS Platform continues to transform the sales and marketing analytics and reporting landscape for asset managers and gives SalesFocus Solutions’ clients a competitive advantage by identifying new potential business opportunities to expedite growth.  MARS provides the ability to quickly obtain information through the visualization of data.  The innovative MARS product design takes business analytics to a completely new level by leveraging enhanced graphical data visualization techniques to transform sales, asset, contact and activity data into actionable business insights.


About SalesFocus Solutions

SalesFocus Solutions is a Phoenix American company and a Fintech leader based in San Rafael, California which provides the asset management industry’s all-in-one sales and marketing solution for actionable business intelligence. MARS provides data collection, data cleaning, sales analytics, reporting and market intelligence capability.  We have a diverse, global client base of leading and boutique asset management firms. SalesFocus Solutions serves clients with more than $3 trillion in assets under management.  For more information on how the MARS product suite can assist your company please visit our website at

About Foreside Financial Group

Foreside delivers comprehensive advice and best-in-class technology solutions to clients in the global asset and wealth management industries. Foreside distributes more than $1 trillion of product through their 20 limited purpose broker-dealers. For 15 years, Foreside’s suite of services and platform-based model have helped automate and simplify compliance and marketing for clients. Foreside works with pooled investment products, investment advisors, broker-dealers, global asset managers and other financial institutions.

By harnessing state-of-the-art technology, Foreside helps firms address and shape today’s regulatory environment, drive operational efficiency and growth, and focus on value-adding work. Foreside is headquartered in Portland, Maine, with numerous regional offices, including New York and Boston. For more information on Foreside’s suite of services, please visit


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