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SalesFocus Solutions hopes that you, your family and colleagues are all healthy and safe during these challenging times.

We also want to let you know that we are committed to continuing to provide your organization with superior service.  We understand that, like SalesFocus Solutions, most of our clients have transitioned to a work from home model for the foreseeable future.  We also understand that during this time your organization may need additional support and assistance such as obtaining information you need out of MARS to make decisions, assistance with digging deeper into the data or even creating and running new reports based on your changing business focus.    Please know that we are here to help your organization in whatever capacity you need us so that you get the most out of MARS to support your business.

Through our Client Support group, our MARS Training team and our MARS Business Analysts we can help you with your MARS Administration needs such as running MARS queries and reports and helping you get data into, or out of, the system to support your business analytics needs.

SalesFocus Solutions continues to be busy supporting our existing clients, working on new projects, and planning for the future.  Some of our current high-level initiatives are:


Our new financial intermediary teams data service

Our new Intermediary Teams database contains over 12,000 teams with over 60,000 registered and non-registered members.  Firms in our database currently include:  Merrill Lynch, UBS, Morgan Stanley, Wells Fargo, Ameriprise, Mass Mutual, Robert W Baird, and RBC.   We are actively working on including an additional 3k+ teams across AXA, LPL and Wells Fargo Network.  Our data points include:  Team Name, all members registered and non-registered, addresses, phones, email, titles, fax, member bios, areas of focus and social media links.


New Major MARS Release

Our product engineering teams are busy working on the newest major release of MARS which will include significant product enhancements and innovative new features


IntelliMARS app and MARS-Salesforce integration enhancements are in the testing phase


Partnership with Foreside Financial Group

Earlier this year SalesFocus Solutions and Foreside entered in to a partner program whereby Foreside will be promoting our MARS Platform to their clients who need the power of MARS to help their sales and marketing efforts


We hope this information is helpful and we urge you to please feel free to contact us through our Client Support team or any of your MARS Team contacts if you have any specific questions or need assistance during these turbulent times.


Stay healthy,

The SalesFocus Solutions Team